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On the Ball (DOS)

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On the Ball Credits


Concept & Game DesignGerald Köhler
Base ProgramGerald Köhler
ProgrammingNorman Neubert, Uwe Schmelich
Graphics / LayoutHolger Flöttmann, Andreas Hancock, Jürgen Kersting, Dirk Schulz
IllustrationsAndreas Hancock, Dirk Schulz
IntroHeinrich Stiller
Graphic EditingJürgen Kersting, Renate Langenkämper
Graphic ConversionJürgen Kersting
MusicRudolf Stember
Sound EffectsRudolf Stember, Frank Woischke
TesterRalf Eggert, Toralf Heidel, Fabian Häusler, Frank Jenderek, Heiko Köhler, Stephan Mühlmann, Oliver Smid, Jürgen Zander
ManualHolger Kuchling, Gerald Köhler
LectorateErnst C. Holtappel, Eckhard Kosfeld
Layout and EditingC-TEX Konzepte Texte Marketing
Package DesignFalk Gödecke, Selling Points
Cover IllustrationAndreas Hancock, Dirk Schulz
Project CounselingHolger Kuchling
Executive ProducerJürgen Kersting
ProducerHolger Flöttmann
Special Thanks ToHermann Achilles

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Credits for this game were contributed by Isdaron (681) and Xoleras (66142)