Level TXHFContributed by Unicorn Lynx (181424) on Jan 19, 2003.

This is in my opinion the hardest level in the game (puzzle-wise). Here is the way to solve it: chase the unarmed enemies until the door to the far left. Then, AIM your gun at the only alien left, but DON'T shoot him. He will press a button and close not only the door between you and him, but also the door above. Then, go right, to the screen with the stairs. Ascend the stairs, jump to the right, make a couple of shields for yourself and then blast the door between you and the alien. Don't attack him, just hide behind your shields, and the alien will drop bombs. When you feel he has drop enough bombs, kill him. Those bombs will make a hole in the ground. It might take a few attempts. After having killed him, proceed to the left (DON'T jump into the new hole yet!). Fall down on the platform, kill the alien, ride the teleporter down and shoot the alarm to disable it. Go all the way back, and into the hole that alien made for you. Run quickly without stopping, but when everything becomes green, WALK, and DON'T drop into a hole at the beginning of the next screen. Instead, jump over it, and pull the lever. Then, go back, drop into the hole, and run to the right. From there, it is pretty straightforward.

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