Written by  :  jfritzyb (10)
Written on  :  Jan 08, 2005
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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DOS: Out of This World......What a classic!

The Good

I liked the game for most part, because it DID get addicting. Also, I liked zoning out of the foreground and just STARING at the background. It was actually quite beautiful. The sound effects were OK--nothing really fancy but hey--this game doesn't NEED anything fancy. It's just.....great. One last note....the game was made with polygonal graphics--which is why the game characters run SO smoothly.

The Bad

I DIDN'T like this game simply because the sound got offish (when it was played on a Windows 95 computer, that is). Also, while playing on that particular computer, I noticed that when the character ran (aerobics style) to the left, the computer sound got screechy. (I discovered that when you press the "s" button twice, the screechy sound stops and the sounds continue playing normally). Some sequences, (such as blowing out that rock and the water gushing out in the cave and such), are almost impossible to complete. But, NEVER say you CAN"T do something. I mean, I played the game ALL the way through. Finally, the controls are a bit wacky. (In order to run aerobically to the left, you have to quickly press one key....THEN the other). They could have made the controls a bit smoother. Oh well....No other complaints.

The Bottom Line

A game worth trying out. Are you tired of pointless arcade games where the character just goes on and on into eternity and never reaches an ending point? Are you FLABERGASTED (REALLY frustrated) with those endless adventure games that have you guessing all OVER the place where a certain object is (Quest for Glory) and once finding that object, aren't you just upset with combining it with all your inventory and getting nothing at all? And lastly....Aren't you tired of walking around trying out your new inventory item with almost one hundred other items in the game and seemingly NEVER get anywhere and then you have to find a walkthrough in order to complete the game??? Well, this game has ONE purpose.....Using your brain, common sense, and logic to figure out one goal--leaving your destination by moving onto the next screen. Although it does remind you a bit of Prince of Persia, it isn't ENDLESSLY long, you don't really have to GUESS where everything is at, and finally, you don't fall through wimpy paths and three screens later go splat on the pavement or onto the spikes below. You usually have to almost purposefully kill your character. Parents....There are NO GORY SCENES or blood (and when there is blood, you can't really tell it--except when you get eaten by those HORRIBLE worms). You do shoot bad guys but when you do, they turn into skeletons and three seconds later, that skeleton, with a FLASH, bursts. And believe it or not, this game actually teaches friendship....How? Well, you'll just HAVE to get the game and see it for yourself. (And by the way folks, not many games nowadays teach you friendship).....If you're tight on the money, get the USED version for 4.95 at amazon.com!!!