Written by  :  Andrew Dunn (11)
Written on  :  Nov 03, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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The Good

The story line to this game was delightful, amazing and inspiring (well I wouldn't go that far). The vector graphics used for the cinematics were brilliant and inpressive for the time they were used back in 1991. And the opening to the game was fantastic and unpredictable, there is a sudden flash and then you appear in a middle of an alien lake trying to swim to the top before an occtopus like creature attemps to grab you.

Before long you end up in a cage as you were captured by Aliens, this is where you find your alien friend who also looks like he has been captured.

Obviously you escape dodging other laser's fired from enemie guns.

Towards the middle of the game you..... wait...... ahhhhh..... I won't spoil it for you your going to have to play it yourself, it was brilliant for it's time and is still brilliant today so go and get it my friend otherwise you will have an unfurfilled life!

The Bad

It would be sack religous to say anything bad about this game.

Tis Brill!

The Bottom Line

Other games should look among this and get down on their knee's.