Pagan: Ultima VIII Credits (DOS)

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Pagan: Ultima VIII Credits


DesignAndrew P. Morris, John Watson
Lead ProgrammingTony Zurovec
ProgrammingRob Corell, Jason Ely, Mike McShaffry, Herman Miller, Zachary Booth Simpson, Jeff Wilson, Tony Zurovec
Additional ProgrammingPhil Eberz, Lance Grooms, Aaron Martin
Level / Scenario DesignJason Ely, Melanie Green, Brian Martin, Mike McShaffry, Herman Miller, Andrew P. Morris, Steve Powers, Mark Vittek, John Watson
Graphics / ArtworkBob Cook, Beverly Garland, Denis R. Loubet, Dicko Mather, Brent Poer, Steve Powers, Jonathan Price, Micael Priest, Matt Sheffield
MusicNenad Vugrinec
SoundRandy Buck, John Tipton, Kirk Winterrowd
Cover ArtDenis R. Loubet
PackagingJennifer Davis
DocumentationAl Carnley, David Ladyman, Denis R. Loubet, Mike McShaffry, Melissa Tyler, Andrew P. Morris
MarketingMike Harrison
ProducerRichard Garriott
DirectorMike McShaffry
General ManagerDallas Snell
Writing / Dialogue / StoryMelanie Green, Sheri Graner Ray, Brian Martin, Mike McShaffry, Herman Miller, Andrew P. Morris, Steve Powers, Mark Vittek, John Watson
PlaytestingMark Franz, Andrew Hoffmann, Michelle Lindner, Daniel Orzulak, Tobin Shelton, Eddie Stringer, Todd Wachhaus
Quality AssuranceGad Benett, Rolf D. Busch, Jean Pierre Demessant, Don Derouen, Kay Gilmore (Product Support Manager), Dominique Poumeyrol-Jumeau, Starr Long (French Product Leader), Donna Mehnert, Sean Mustakas (German Project Leader), Roswitha Shoemake, Dee R. Starns
QA EuropeGraham Wood, Big Bad Al
Acting / VoiceoversRob Corell, Bill Johnson, Keith Kelly, John King, Ev Lunning Jr., Diane Perella, Lauri Raymond, Christina Saur, Eric Willmar, Kirk Winterrowd
Acting / Voiceovers (France)Jean-Marc Chemla (as The Guardian), Jean Pierre Demessant (as Khumash-Gor), Patricia Fabre (as Statos), Florence Gomar (as Hydros), Christian Hiltenbrand (as Lithos), Didier Jumeau (as Odion), Valrie Revault (as Amoras), Alain Thomas (as Pyros), Bertrand Conquelet (as Apathas)
Acting / Voiceovers (Germany)Werner Althous (as Pyros), Rolf D. Busch (as The Guardian & Khumash-Gor), Daniela Herloff (as Stratos), Klaus F. Michlmayr (as Apathas), Gerhard W. Schoen (as Lithos), Thomas A. Simon (as Odion), Julia Stielow (as Amoras), Kathrin Tucker (as Hydros)
TranslationRolf D. Busch (German Documentation), Jean-Marc Chemla (Assistant to the Director), Jennifer Evans (European Coordinator), Betty Peltier (French Translator), St├ęphane Radoux (French Documentation), Kirsten Vaughan (German Translation)
Special Thanks ToMelinda Bordelon, Andrea Brannan, Russell Byrd, Michelle Caddel, Jim Greer, Shelly Hollen, Albert Mayer, Kai Stringer, Johari Templin

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