Written by  :  MAT (180529)
Written on  :  Jan 12, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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No matter how bad things are, things can always get worse.

The Good

  • Spanning across six CDs, each with its own different print, two double jewel-cases able to fit 8 CDs, and very intriguing box cover concept adds a big plus to this game. Especially back cover with so much text on it, kinda makes this a unique detective box, if not pandora's, fit to compare with packages of those pre-dawn text-adventures.

  • The love knots between Tex and Chelsee finally get tighter and the two of them can sum up to several different outcomes, and the true one that later takes on in the reign of an Overseer.

  • Women in this game are really drop-dead gorgeous if I have a freedom of speech. Not only that, Tex gets the privilege to choose as well. This is sort of starting to look like a typical Bond movie, one woman in danger, screaming for help, another one playing both sides until she shows face behind the veil of darkness, and the one that ends up with out hero.

  • You get to see the Tex's office and finally meet the owner of the Ritz hotel (not much of a sight, though), get back on the streets we all got familiar with Under a Killing Moon masterpiece, and meet many new as well as couple of familiar characters. Kinda pity you don't get to see most of the cast you met in UAKM.

  • There's lots of action going on in this installment of the series, and none of it to Tex's advantage. But where he goes, the action follows and he seems to MacGyver out of the danger with an extreme luck, but that's our Tex. What's a PI that doesn't count on luck. But seriously, seeing Tex in action is more than fantastic this time, it beats both UAKM and Overseer action scenes. For example Tex running to save that club dancer before the murderer get to her, or Tex holding on to the badgirl in the pillar rising scene. The suspense and direction of action scenes is amazing, and so incredibly re-watchable.

  • Not being a fan of multiple endings, but this one is as explicit example as Blade Runner is. The entire game changes as you develop your character towards good or dark side, which eventually leads to multiple endings. I've seen all of them and the true one is really the best, not to mention the funniest and most sincere. But others are worthwile reaching to see how cool can Tex be even when watching death in the eyes.

    The Bad

  • Comparing to other Tex Murphy games, this one simply has too much quicktime events. There is every now and then that you have very short time to do something but first, you must figure out what is it you need to do. It gets constantly frustrating and it is true help to have a hint system in such occasions.

  • The story is kinda least appealing so far, and even thought it all seemed intriguing at the start, it doesn't quite end up to my expectations, the whole revelation thingy. The least interesting one that makes me think if Access wanted to make something that look more like an epic and gain fame on the success of UAKM. Tex should stay on the Boggie role, saving the world in UAKM was okay, but Roswell conspiracies and all this alien hunt wasn't much of a deal, not to mention that one entire CD is spent in a top secret base where Tex is reckoning with a very dangerous Alien, not much of an alien design though. Think it would've been better effect if the base was dead empty.

    The Bottom Line

    It's a Tex Murphy game, it has Chris Jones in it, it should be a reason enough to get it. It has a few drawbacks to compare it with Under a Killing Moon and Overseer, but it's filled with great art, superb dramatic scenes, Tex's charm, and a PI rules. Having Tex Murphy games in your collection is a trademark of quality, an underrated top quality.