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    An Interactive Fantasy Adventure

    Now's Your Chance to Be a Hero and Save the World.

    Step inside the magical kingdom of Pentari as a captain in the Empire's army. Dark forces have plunged an entire city into chaos and you are sent in to stop them. Your sword and your wits won't be enough. You must grow to become a master of magic and rise up to vanquish a great, hidden evil.

    Immerse yourself into the magical lands of Pentari where elves, dwarves, men and even dragons all live together in peace. A world where magic is real and life is good. The Wizards of Pentari have reached the pinnacle of sorcery and have assured the kingdom's safety and prosperity forever thanks to potent new magics under their control. Three powerful orbs, forged by sweat and sorcerery, bring unimaginable power to those who wield them. Those orbs have been turned to evil by traitorous sorcerers bent on conquoring Pentari. Thanks to their treachery, the Guild of Wizards has been overrun as their own power was used against them. The city of Delphin is all but fallen, your own men lost to you. Even worse, the king himself is a prisoner of the turncoat magicmakers.

    Still, you are ordered to Delphin to regroup your men and rescue the king, retake the city and, most importantly, reclaim the Three Orbs of Power from the enemies of the Empire. And that's not even all of it. You'll meet up with a funny but obnoxious demon, undead wizards and plenty of fun and adventure as you are about your serious mission.

    Will the kingdom of Pentari be destroyed? Not if you're up to the challenge. First Light is a work of Interactive Fiction where anything is possible and everything is worth a try. You are the hero in this adventure and your every move will mean salvation or total destruction for everything you hold dear.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Aug 17, 2005.