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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (US Sierra Discovery Series):

    Challenge your mind and imagination. Take a
    voyage into exciting worlds of discovery. No subject will
    ever be the same once you've experienced a
    Sierra Discovery Series adventure!

    Ride the wild time machine into American history with Pepper's Adventures in Time!

    Colonial Craziness!
    Pepper has a BIG problem. Her Uncle Fred, the family's scientist, has scrambled colonial America into one big hysterical, historical omelet! It looks like the British are going to win the war this time ... unless YOU can set the facts straight!

    Ben Franklin, Baby!
    If you want some help with this sticky situation, you'll have to talk to Ben Franklin, but be careful! Uncle Fred's confused him, too! You'll have to help Ben out, or the world will never know Ben, you'll be amazed by his wisdom ... and cracked up by his sense of humor!

    Cosmic Canines!
    This is all too much for one kid to handle, so Pepper brought some backup - her mischievous mutt, Lockjaw. You'll actually get to play as a dog! Go on, do all the doggie things you've always wanted to try. Sniff out mysteries. Dig holes. Chew things up. BITE PEOPLE!

    You'll have more fun than a mutt in a mountain of soup bones as you discover the outrageous art, incredible puzzles, and hilarious humor of Pepper's Adventures in Time!

    • An entertaining, packed-with-facts learning adventure!
    • A "Truth Detector" icon for seeking out historical accuracy!
    • A vocabulary-building on-line dictionary!
    • Puzzles, quizzes and animated rewards to insure information is retained!
    • Fast-paced and funny dialog to maintain interest and build reading skills!

    Contributed by Jeanne (75433) on May 09, 2007.