Pepper's Adventures in Time Credits (DOS)

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Pepper's Adventures in Time Credits


ProducerMark Seibert
DirectorTribal Byte
Original ConceptWilliam R. Davis Sr.
DesignGano Haine, Jane Jensen, Josh Mandel, Lorelei Shannon
Text/DialogLorelei Shannon
Lead ArtistJames Larsen
Lead AnimatorTony Margioni
Lead ProgrammerJuan Carlos Escobar
MusicNeal Grandstaff, Mark Seibert
Sound EffectsMark Seibert, Neal Grandstaff
ArtistsTerrence C. Falls, Maria Fruehe, Darlou Gams, Tony Margioni, James Larsen, Al Roughton
ProgrammersKimberly L. Bowdish, Chris Carr, Hugh Diedrichs, Juan Carlos Escobar, Thaddeus M. Pritchard
Senior QA AnalystDanny A. Woolard
Additional Quality AssuranceJoe Carper, Mike Pickhinke, Keri Cooper, Tina Deardorff, and all the Final Config Gang
Additional ArtRichard Powell, Tim Loucks, Russell Truelove, Christopher Willis, Deanna Yhalkee, Cindy Walker, Jay Friedman, Jeff Crowe
Audio TechniciansOrpheus Hanley, Mark Seibert, Richard Spurgeon
Harmonica PlayerEddie Gordon
Game Development System byEd Critchlow, Dan Foy, J. Mark Hood, Brian K. Hughes, Ken Koch, Jack Magne, Terry McHenry, Martin Peters, John Ratcliffe, Larry Scott, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Mark Wilden
Technical SupportGary Brown
Educational ConsultantMark Ford
Historical ConsultantVictoria Cornell
Game Box ArtTerrence C. Falls
Documentation Written byLorelei Shannon
Documentation IllustrationJames Larsen
Manual DesignMark Empey, Nathan Gams
Special Thanks to Bill Davis' Dog, Polly Esther Who was the inspiration for the character of Lockjaw.
Donuts & PizzaMark Seibert
Special Guest Appearance18th Century Composer Elvisantro Presligheri

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (49062) and monkeyislandgirl (8707)