Written by  :  Afex Tween (173)
Written on  :  Dec 25, 2003
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars

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Great edutainment, and at the same time - great classical adventure.

The Good

This one is a truely great mix of edutainment and adventure into the game for everyone. The game begins with Pepper, a little girl, and her doggy Lockjaw sucked in the time portal, which her uncle Ed constructed for his evil plans - to change the history... When Pepper found herself in colonial times, she also found out that a lot of things were already changed by her uncle. And, to make things worse, Lockjaw was kidnapped by awful rulers of the country, and...relatives of her uncle at the same time! In your attempts to save your doggy and America, you'll meet a lot of characters, including Ben Franklin. The game was a part of Sierra Discovery series (with Eco Quest and Dr.Brain series), the edutainment line, and oh, it succeeded in all aspects. While playing Peppers Adventures, you'll learn a lot of facts on the history of America in colonial times. A great role plays a new icon, added to regular Sierra-four-icons, with the help of which you can be given comments on every single object on the screen, first - if it really was/wasn't an historical fact, secondly - some information on it. There is always a test at the end of every part, which test your knowledge. As for the parts of the game, from which the game consists of - you can choose to play any of them in the beginning of the game, though I suggest you to play them in the right order. Everything in the game is made on a fun note, the humor is great and not rude. One of the best things in the game is the opportunity to play not only in the role of Pepper, but also in the role of your dog, Lockjaw! With his own, personal abilities like to bite and to smell! But THE best things is that the game is not just a great educational title, but also a very nice adventure game, which can satisfy both kids and adults. It is quite long, have some nice puzzles which can stump you for awhile, even multiple solutions.

The Bad

Bad? Not much. Well, the games main aim was on kids and on edutainment, so some adventure gamers can find the game too easy and childish. The graphics was on a strange side. Not like in all other Sierra adventure games, the characters have large heads, quite ugly, with some ugly animation. And all the graphics is not on a high level (especially comparing with other games of the same period, Gabriel Knight, for example). And a sort of labyrinth in the end...which is not a problem for people of a good thinking skills :)

The Bottom Line

One of the best educational games ever, which is a great experience for both children and adults.