Perfect Assassin Credits


StarringCharon, K'Lhanna, Rochan, Archon, Mr X
Grolier Interactive presents Perfect Assassin a production ofVeritas
Original IdeaKev Walker
Developed bySynthetic Dimensions
Project LeadKevin Bulmer
Lead ArtistKev Walker, Kevin Bulmer
3D‑EngineIan Downend
AI & ProgrammingIan Downend, Kevin Bulmer
Additional ProgrammingJohn Wildsmith
Installation ProgrammingKevan Harriman
ArtistsKevin Bulmer, Nigel Bunegar, Matthew Stott, Ben Clark, Mark Sheridan
MusicTony Williams
Game DesignKev Walker, Synthetic Dimensions
Kar‑Net SitesKev Walker
Space‑Time AbnormalitiesMatthew Stott
Animal TamerBen Clark
Recorded on the Planet ofKar‑Naq
Recorded with friendly support from the citizens ofKar‑Es‑Taal

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