Perfect Pinball Credits

Instant Access

Produced byMungo Amyatt-Leir
Additional Programming and Production byTim Watson, Jane Ling, Richard Milner
Thanks toSpidersoft, Brynn Gilmore, Andrew Hewson, Barry Simpson

Spidersoft Ltd.

ProgrammingAndrew Taylor, Kevin Howe, Steve Marsden, David Cooke
GraphicsMatthew Butler, Simon Britnell
SoundAnthony N. Putson, Andrew Barnabas, Anthony Bowker, Matthew Simmonds
SETSOUND Sound DriverFrontLine Design
CD Audio realized byAndy Bishop, Greg Malcangi, Stewart Gilray
Instant Access Raytraced Intro byTim Watson
Raytraced Intro and Menu Sequences Modelled and Rendered byInteractive Images Ltd.
“The History of Pinball” Feature Written byGary Flower
Thanks for Help with the “History of Pinball” Feature go toWMS Industries Inc., Data East Pinball Inc., Premier Technology
Original Pinball Dreams Amiga Designed, Written, Drawn and Composed byDigital Illusions CE AB
Produced byBarry Simpson, Stewart Gilray, Steve Marsden
Manual TextBarry Simpson
Manual DesignRichard Milner

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Credits for this game were contributed by -Chris (7565)