Peter Pan: A Story Painting Adventure Credits


Original DesignDoug Barry
Produced byDoug Barry
Associate ProducerDeborah Cook
Written byMaurice Molyneaux
Paintbox Pals Design byLori Washbon
Additional Interface Design ContributionsGene Portwood
Music Score byRick Rhodes, Dominique Messinger
Dialog byBruce Campbell Shelley, Reed Shelly
Technical DirectorDavid Walker
Assistant ProducerEric DeSantis

Developed by Novotrade International

Development DirectorJózsef Szentesi
Animation DirectorCsaba Szórádi
Software EngineersZoltán Bartos, Tamás Kovács, István Fey, Ferenc Czirok, Andras Foldes
Music and Sound EngineersAttila Dobos, András Magyari, Pal Vona
Computer AnimatorsNándor Orbán, Attila Róth, Katalin Gyorgy, Kornelia Janisch, Albena Petrova, Tibor Szucs, Borbala Kovats
Graphic AnimatorsLaszlo Ajkai Papp, Janos Balogh

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (40880)