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Pipe Dream (DOS)

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Pipe Dream Credits


IBM VersionPeter Lincroft
Original Game DesignThe Assembly Line
Original Creators (Assembly Line)Stephan L. Butler, Akila Redmer
Adapted for LucasfilmsAkila Redmer, Stephan L. Butler
Designed and Programmed byThe Assembly Line, Akila Redmer, Stephen Butler
Artwork byGary Winnick, Mark J. Ferrari, Steve Purcell, Mike Ebert, Eric Johnston
Music Composed byJohn Dale
Documentation Design and Typesetting byAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Language Translations byHarald Uenzelmann, HervĂ© Caen, Laura Giorilli
Project produced byStephan L. Butler
Lucasfilm Games V.P. and General ManagerSteve Arnold
Director of Software DevelopmentAkila Redmer
Director of MarketingDoug Glem
Marketing Communications ManagerMary Bihr
Administrative Support Stacey Lamiero, Wendy Bertram, Paula Hendricksen
Thanks to all who helped to make this possible especiallyJudith Lucero, Kirk Roulston, James Wood, Aric Wilmunder, Kalani Streicher, Douglas Crockford, Noah Falstein, David Fox, Ron Gilbert, Simon Jeffrey, Adrian Stephens, Janet Hammond, Melissa Chew, Eric Liu, Tony Hsieh, Michael Ebert
Cover ArtSteve Purcell
Package Designed byTerri Soo Hoo
Manual and Secret code wheel Mark Shepard
Manual written byScott Marley, Stephan L. Butler
Special thanks toGeorge Lucas

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