Written by  :  gator (2)
Written on  :  Oct 30, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
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Game for a lifetime

The Good

This game was a part of my life for at least 5 years. I played it for 5 years and that is all I wanted to play. I never got tired of it. I never wanted to buy anything else. Although my first experience of playing was on a commodore 64 (I guess that's how you spell commodore), I spent most of my time on our new computer. And it gave a taste of power, prestige, and success. The game had spunk, unlike the more confusing games nowadays, you don't have to push all these buttons. Unfortanately, I am not the best of players when it comes to games and Pirates!Gold was as easy as Pirates. Now, I can't let go of the memory of ignoring my girlfriend (now wife), while on the phone, playing that game. Unfortunately, it recently broke and I had to take it off of the computer since it was taking up my mother's computer space about two years ago. But the game is certainly a classic. Educational too.

The Bad

Sometimes the game errored and I had to start all over, unless I saved what I played. And I cannot find who owns it, so I cannot buy it again because every one says it's a lost item. I also wanted other versions to travel across the world, like Australia, Japan, Europe, etc. etc. etc. This game would be even better if it could support a history teacher in a lesson, with valid information about towns and the such, I know I would buy it.

The Bottom Line

GET IT and PLAY IT and see for yourself, but you can't just play it once. Get the hang of it and you will win all of the time. Because it's Greaaaaat, as Tony the Tiger says.