Written by  :  Wolfang (168)
Written on  :  Mar 08, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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good, but needs to be patched.

The Good

This game is great. The setting, 17th centuary pirates, is sadly one (along with mideavil europe and fuedal japan) of the under used game worlds. I have never played the original Pirates but it looks great. This game is an updated version of Pirates and is worth the money since Pirates is hard to find (read Hard). The only problem with it is the fact that it needs to be patched to work right (just go to MSN and search for Pirates! Gold and you'll eventually find a web with the Pirates! Gold Patch.) Besides that the game is wonderfull, everything is wonderfull, buy it, buy it now!

The Bad

The fact that if you play it under Win 95 or 98 it will crash if you don't patch it.

The Bottom Line

Buy it now.