Written by  :  Zovni (10653)
Written on  :  Mar 17, 2003
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars1.25 Stars

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At the very bottom of the pit

The Good

For starters the game takes place on illegal streetfights and I do mean illegal, with nice touches like weapons, chairs and other stuff to use against your opponent, you also have some power-ups around and the fights can include multiple opponents which is why the 2-player cooperative gameplay is a nice addition. The crowd also joins in on the excitement and for the first time in any game I've ever seen they can hit you or push you back if you get too close to them, pretty cool idea.

Noteworthy for the game are the crude but eye-catching digitized graphics, which were a first for a 2D fighter and predate even Mortal Kombat by some time.

The Bad

Everything. And that which wasn't crap on the original arcade version was made crappier on this PC port.

For starters you have only 3 fighters, and they are the same typical boring characters one associates with this type of games: the beefed-up powerhouse, the fast martial artist, and the "guy in-between" which in this particular case is practically identical to the martial artist but slightly stronger. The game has a barely readable life bar which is depleted in a nanosecond and (get this) doesn't refill between fights!! That's right, so the whole game is like this gigantic "survival mode"... cool, uh? The special moves are non-existant and the control scheme is slow and unforgiving which makes the already slow gameplay even more boring... but that's on the arcade version, when Pit Fighter got ported to the pc it got even worse! And the graphics and sounds were completely trashed, specially the graphics which for some odd reason are all vertically-expanded and seem to have lost half of the already few frames of animation they had.

The Bottom Line

Stay the hell away from this stinker, ok? Get out NOW!! Run Fool, RUUUN!