Pizza Tycoon Credits


Idea and OutlineStefan Kurth, Thomas Langhanki
ProgrammingStefan Kurth
GraphicsThomas Langhanki
SoundRobert Bielenstein
MapsMatthias Nenneker, Frank Hentschel, Horst Kurth
CharactersSonja Carnau
Newspaper ReportsAndreas Lechelt
Special AnimationJaime, Cania
Main TesterOlaf Ernst, HPW, Carsten Bahnsen
TestersMatthias Nenneker, Frank Hentschel, Horst Kurth, Sonja Carnau, Dieter Müller
PC ConversionRalph Noeske
PC GraphicsUwe Beneke
ProducerStephen Hand
Graphic ArtistsTerry Greer, Edward Garnier, Paul Truss
Quality AssuranceRobert H. Abe, Jason S. Coleman, Don Emmel, Darren Kirby, Andrew Luckett, Andrew Luckett, Daniel Luton, Len Maclean, Justin Manning, Philip McDonnell, Jason Sampson, Jim Tricario
Additional DesignStephen J. Goss
TranslationPolylang, MicroProse
PublishersPaul Hibbard-Teall, Peter Moreland
ManualHarald Uenzelmann, Thomas Langhanki, Stefan Kurth, Marc Wardenga, Bernd Bickert
Layout & SetMarc Wardenga
Recipe Research and TextsStefan Kurth, Thomas Langhanki
Cookbook LayoutMarc Wardenga

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Credits for this game were contributed by Andrew Luckett (114), Julian McKenzie (159) and formercontrib (159663)