Planetfall Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The beginning.
Checking our inventory.
A quick death. Don't mess with Ensign Blather...
Meet the ambassador of Blow'k-bibben-Gordo, whose main export is Planetfall.
Hm, guess it's time to abandon ship.
Our escape pod is approaching a planet...
Phew! A narrow escape!
First contact with the native language.
Exploring the complex.
Found some tools!
You'll have to eat and drink from time to time.
Guess you'll have to do some repair work in this game...
It is pitch black. You might be eaten by a grue.
On the menu today: Red, green and blue goo!
Say hi to Floyd!
Nothing but a good night's sleep!
You'll ride lots of elevators. Luckily Floyd is there to keep you entertained.
Time for some shuttle car drivin'...
Floyd also reacts to saving and restoring.
After a while, you'll realize that you have contacted a disease. Hope you solve the game before you die.
So they're using Windows on that planet...
The library yields some useful information.
The library computer also has info about the early Infocom adventures. (Floyd loved Zork!)
The deadly Bio Lab -- and a courageous offer of brave little Floyd...
Inside the computer: Found the cause of the malfunction.
Fighting a killer microbe!
Welcome to the Bio Lab, Vol. II...
Chased by mutants! You only need to escape them to win the game. (Ha!)