Written by  :  Shane Cornall (7)
Written on  :  Jul 30, 2006
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars4.33 Stars

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Fantastic turn based role-playing/real time space combat adventure.

The Good

Planet's Edge features a fantastic puzzle-based RPG storyline. Although most puzzles are of the "find this object, talk to this person" form, there are quite a few surprises. Many puzzles are optional or have multiple solutions. The RPG-style stats are minimalist and avoid cluttering or complicating the game. The equipment, weapons and armour are interesting, as is the sheer range of different planets and situations encountered through the game. The ability to customise your own ship is understated but fun nonetheless.

This was the first game I ever heard through my brand-new Sound Blaster card, and to this day I love the very atmospheric music. Sound effects were adequate, and for its time the graphics were quite lush.

The Bad

For a hardcore RPG fan, the minimalist stats leaves much to be desired, as does the lack of any way to actually increase a character's stats (other than replacing them with a clone.) There are a few bugs to be found in the game, some obstructive and annoying, and one or two rather more serious ones. Although it is fun to customise your ship, I didn't enjoy the real-time space combat segment, and feel the game would still stand out without this part. Furthermore I dislike the fact that occasionally it was impossible to avoid combat with a faster, stronger enemy you could not yet defeat.

Although the ground combat is my favourite component of the game, it leaves much to be desired. It is very basic - tactics or strategy don't play a role.

The Bottom Line

Although it can be difficult to run on modern computers due to speed up (DosBox helps), Planet's Edge is worth the effort. The storyline alone is epic and interesting, as you unravel what seems to be a galactic conspiracy. If you are a hard-core stat-pumping RPG fan, the game may disappoint due to its emphasis on puzzle solving rather than RPG stats, and adventure gamers may appreciate the story but tire of the mainly simplistic puzzles. However as a work of art Planet's Edge shows an attention to detail, in depth story line, atmospheric music and, for its time, fantastic graphical artwork.