Advertising Blurbs

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    A cold-blooded murderer is on the loose. He has killed once, and he's not afraid to kill again. In fact, he's stalking someone this very moment... and that someone is YOU!!

    Fast and furious, Police Quest II is police drama on the razor's edge as you race against time in pursuit of a ruthless cop killer bent on revenge. Face the tension of split-second decisions as you call the shots... you make the moves. Take plenty of target practice... because every shot counts when you hit the streets to face the most violent criminal this city has ever witnessed--Jessie Bains, "The Death Angel!"


    A prison break... a dead jailer... and now the Death Angel is back, and he's got your number. Use authentic homocide procedures as you become detective Sonny Bonds. Master weapons, disarm explosive devices, and explore the mysteries of the deep as your mission requires successful performance on land and in water. Work with forensics experts, crime labs and outside police agencies as you discover vital evidence that will put Bains behind bars--permanently.

    Contributed by Andy Roark (274) on May 29, 1999.