Written by  :  J. David Taylor (28)
Written on  :  Sep 24, 2003
Platform  :  DOS
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Great cop game!

The Good

Lots of stuff to do. (Also, lots of ways to die heh, heh) I mean, how many games do you come across where you can shower with your clothes on, or take off your clothes anywhere? I doubt there are many, if any others. That's what I like about text command games! Now, back to Police Quest. I like how you have to do things right. For instance, if you don't read people their rights before arresting them, you lose. I really like the part where you intercept and crash the drug pass. I thought that was really cool. I also like how when you're driving, if you turn on your sirens, you can go through red lights. Driving's tough though--that's how I've died the most.

The Bad

All Sierra adventure games are too short, this one included. Lots of play/replay value, though!

The Bottom Line

A good cop game.