Pool of Radiance Credits


Scenario created by TSR, Inc.Michael Breault, David Cook, James M. Ward, Steve Winter
Game Created bySSI Special Projects Group
ProgrammersKeith Brors, Brad Myers
Additional ProgrammingWestwood Associates, Raymond J. Huges, Eric Nickelson, Peter Schmitt
ArtistsFred Butts, Susan Manley, Daria Marasco, Maurice Molyneaux, Vince Reynolds, Tom Wahl
Additional Art byWestwood Associates, Doug Barnett, Scott A. M. Ruggles, David Shelley, Rob Wong, Joana Zegri
MusicDavid Warhol
Sound EffectsDavid Warhol
DevelopersRussell Brown, George MacDonald, Paul Murray, Victor Penman, David Shelley
In House PlaytestingScott Barnes, Graeme Bayless, Cyrus G. Harris, James Kucera, Dick Vohlers
Project ManagerCharles J. Kroegel Jr.
RulesGeorge MacDonald, Steve Perrin
Customized Apple Disk Operating SystemRoland Gustafsson
Art, Graphic Design and DTPDavid Boudreau, Louis Hsu Saekow
PrintingA&A Printers and Lithographers
Cover artwork byClyde Caldwell (uncredited)

Clue Book credits

Clue BookGeorge MacDonald
Art, Graphic Design and Desktop PublishingLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Peter Gascoyne, Kathryn J. Lee

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Peter Gascoyne, 18 other games
James M. Ward, 18 other games
Scott Barnes, 16 other games
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Maurice Molyneaux, 12 other games


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