Written by  :  Isdaron (730)
Written on  :  Jul 13, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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Fight your way through Persia

The Good

He could have been off so well: in the first part of the game, the prince rescues a lovely princess, marries her and enjoys his life. Until he arrives in the throne room one morning to learn that another, identically looking man has taken his place. And is dedicated to kill him. It is an interesting story line for a platform game - much more in depth than the average Commander Keen saga. The animations were incredibly smooth for that time, the scenery diverse and the intro even featured speech.

The Bad

Ever seen a guy that bit his keyboard in frustration? If not, no one played Prince of Persia 2 while you were around. You can only return to certain save points, usually one per level. The traps have become much more diverse than in the first part of the game which makes it really difficult to get through.

The Bottom Line

It is a platform game with beautiful graphics (for its time) and a very intriguing atmosphere. Since the story is rather interesting even adventure players might find Prince of Persia 2 worth checking out. You should take your time, however. It won't be easy to go through. (Unless you get back to cheating, of course).