Written by  :  Sam Hardy (82)
Written on  :  Jun 23, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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Once again, don your sword and prepare for the fight.....

The Good

Graphics The graphics were better, although I liked the more simple ones of the previous P.O.P. But the prince was still the price, dispite having a new look. The locations were drawn wonderfuly with lots to explore and do. The characters are well animated, as are the rather sick death throes in lava.

Gameplay The game was very hard, a lot of it included jumping, much more that the other version. One level even has you doing split second jumping across loose floors to get to a horse. Traps have been made more deadlyer. Ranging from the old favroite spikes to the wall mounted swing blades that took of your head. Trip darts and blocks that crush are inculded as well as many more. New features also had tunnels for you to crawl through and interesting ways to kill enemys, such as knocking a Skeleton into the lava to defeat it. Other foes are, guards, heads, snakes and shadows just to name few. The game also has the shadow, this means you turn left and right untill you crumple to the ground and leave a ghost, this means you can run around the level without getting killed. The flame also makes an interesting weapon, torch from afar. Although getting it is hard. Speaking of weapons you go through about four swords, starting with your normal sword you spend about three levels attacking with a broken sword. This makes the game much harder as you have to watch your timing or miss and get hurt.

Sound The music is better, although it can be out of theme every now and then. The usal from the first is there : Footsteps, screams, "OW!" and more.

The Bad

The annoying save problem still exists. You can only save at certain points or at the start of a level. The enemy difficulty increases each time you fight, so if you die you then have to fight harder enemys than before. The puzzles are harder and there seems to be too much jumping than before.

The Bottom Line

Very good game, a must for people who are willing to spend all night playing it.