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Prince of Persia (DOS)

Prince of Persia Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
The Story...
A Fight in the Dungeons
Watch out for the Snappers
The Search for your mirror image
Must jump before the door closes
An immortal warrior! What to do now?
In level 4 the backgrounds change
A mirror blocking the way
The infamous fat guard in level 6
Found the sword!
Should I take the blue one or the red one?
We only wanted an ear piercing.
Hey, That bottle is mine!
Killed by a guard...
Cutscene - The princess watches the hourglass slowly run out...
Level 4 - Out of the dungeon and into the palace.
Title Screen (EGA)
Thrown in the dungeon (EGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Thrown in the dungeon (CGA)
Enter the second level
Crash & Dead
Dead again
Title screen (Hercules)
Starting location (Hercules)