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    The Skeetch Empire has viewed Human prosperity as an invitation for conquest. Now they have sealed the borders of Human space. With funds near depletion and constituency faith dwindling, the Human Alliance activates the PROTOSTAR DIRECTIVE - an agenda for unlimited covert tactics.

    YOU are enlisted to serve as the PROTOSTAR Agent for a operation of grave importance. Your objective is to disrupt Skeetch supply lines along the Galactic Frontier. You must assemble an experienced crew, battle hostile warships, maintain your finances and cover, channel funds to the Alliance, and win the support of alien factions.

    Your War on the Frontier may prove that mankind is more predator than prey!


    • Combines first-person interaction, role-playing, space exploration, and simulator action
    • Outstanding VGA graphics and detailed universe
    • High intelligence for game characters
    • Streamlined interface for intuitive playing
    • Game play accommodates different player personalities

    Socialize with the locals at intergalactic taverns.
    Gather valuable resources from the surface of planets
    Duel with cunning vessels and direct elaborate operations from your Starship.
    Access crucial services at remote Outposts.
    Barter with sly merchants and become embroiled in alien intrigues
    Secretly channel funds to support the Human defense forces.

    Contributed by -Chris (7565) on Dec 30, 2003.