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Available for Trade

User Platform Comments Condition
Lincker (48) DOS None Not Specified
n][rvana (1829) DOS Includes manual and walkthrough. Box/Packaging: Item Missing
Original Media: Item Missing
Manual: Item Missing
Catalog: Item Missing
Reference Card: Item Missing
Additional Items: Item Missing
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Randy Sluganski (1) DOS None Not Specified
n][rvana (1829) DOS None Not Specified

Wanted for Trade

User Platform Comments Desired Condition
Mark Blauer DOS I don't care about condition. I wish to buy a working copy of the game with the manual. Box/Packaging: Good
Original Media: Fine
Manual: Good
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Mobygamesisreanimated (11185) DOS None Not Specified
Chaz Erin (12) DOS None Not Specified
Boston Low (93) DOS None Not Specified
Grog Logen (24) DOS None Not Specified
Uli K DOS None Not Specified
Stefan Sicherl DOS None Not Specified

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