Protostar: War on the Frontier Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen.
Let's roll! Launching from the space station into the unknown.
Space travel in four easy steps: 1) Pick a system on the sector map.
2) On arrival in the sector, pick a planet. Spaceships (the green squares) may try to intercept you.
3) Scan the planet and its surface.
4) Send your Explorer vessel to land on the planet.
Your primary objective on planets is to gather minerals (the yellow arrow) and non-sentient creatures. You may encounter other spacefaring races that try the same...
...and not all of them are peaceful.
If you discover alien trading posts... may sell your cargo and buy rare materials.
Nice: If you discover unknown species, you can name them.
If hostile aliens intercept your spaceship, you have to battle them in realtime combat reminiscent of Wing Commander.
Our science officer scans a heavily damaged pirate vessel.
Disabled spaceships can be boarded to loot the cargo.
As the game progresses, experts join your crew, improving station performance. This is Cassi, the cute navigator.
When speaking with aliens, you can chose from several diplomatic approaches.
The mysterious Dodel frequents space station bars and is an excellent source of information.
Aliens will send you on missions to win their allegiance. Here we're rescuing missing Vantu scientists from a hostile planet.
The Human Alliance is eager to hear of our progress.
As the Alliance grows, the evil Skeetch rally their forces and send a huge Dreadnought. Destroying it is your final challenge.
Title Screen
Enter your name
Opening sequence
The Frontier Craft
Main screen
Cockpit view
The space bar
The infamous clown world
Clown ship
Talking to the clown