Have you found Clown World? It’s a secret solar system that does not appear on the map. You can get a crew member there who pays you to be on your ship and has 100% skill on everything. When you land on Clown World, try surrendering to the clowns to see what happens…
The system is at coordinates 072, 003.

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In the CD version's 'Making of' audio feature, Protostar designer Vas Nokhoudian elaborates on the Starflight 3 issue:

“Tsunami was contracting with Electronic Arts to make Starflight 3, a science fiction exploration game much like Protostar is today. Due to various business reasons, Tsunami was no longer making Starflight for Electronic Arts, but EA was gracious enough to let us go ahead and take what we had finished after about six months of work and turn that into something else. So that’s really where Protostar started.”

Some additional extracts of interest from the audio interview:

“We have basically taken an adventure engine and made it do combat, which means we didn’t use a lot of the system functions. There was a lot of coding and tweaking involved. It was one of the more ambitious efforts that’s been done here at Tsunami.” (John Hamilton, Lead Programmer)

“I don’t think there’s many other games where the characters really change expression right in front of you depending upon what you say, and that’s another feature which I think is really a breakthrough that we did in Protostar. We plan to do that in the future. Characters will change expression depending on what you do and what you say.” (Bryan Ellis, Lead Animator)

“The spaceships were made as models. [Art Director] John Shaw created and designed them, and then he would photograph them in the positions as they rotate. I scanned the snapshots and cleaned them up in the computer. They look very realistic.” (Bryan Ellis, Lead Animator)

…and in the category ‘Wishful Thinking’:

Protostar 2 is going to have a much more streamlined interface; we’re trying to get rid of all the menus on the starship bridge. It’s going to continue the storyline and resolve all the current story elements. It’s going to include characters from the previous game, crew members from the previous game, species from the previous game. It will take place in a new region of space. And it’s going to have a lot more action in it!” (Vas Nokhoudian, Lead Designer)

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The CD version of Protostar does not differ from the floppy version. However, the CD contains eight audio tracks with synthesized versions of the game songs and the “Bonus CD-Audio Program ‘The Making of Protostar’” – about 40 minutes of audio commentary by the game designers, programmers and animators.

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Tsunami Media wanted to call this game Starflight 3 but could not win the rights from Electronic Arts.

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