Pyrotechnica Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

A very, very lame rendition of the awesome Psygnosis logo.
The game begins with a very simplistic by Psygnosis' standards FMV.
More intro shots
The FMV looks only slightly better than the actual in-game graphics.
..and more intro shots...
Come to think of it, the intro is much too long, as it contains a lot of nothing.
Finally - it's over!
Title screen
The main menu is pretty slick, in a hard-to-read sort of way.
Before every mission you are briefed with a 2-dimensional map of a 3D level.
Here's me getting my ass handed to me at the very beginning of the game.
The large, square light effects of Pyrotechnica totally rocked back in 95.
You are given a second chance to complete the mission in an escape pod.
About to commit suicide by ramming into that force-field.
It takes many, many shots to disable the field generator.
Pyrotechnica is a very challenging game, partially due to lousy control scheme.
There is no shortage of things that kill you.
...and as you progress through the game things kill you even faster.
We're all gonna die!
..just did.
Got a high score. I rule!