Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Amiga/DOS:
    A Tale of Two Cities...

    Far across the blazing desert lies the beautiful city of Shapeir, a peaceful place where folks are friendly and a Hero can relax for a while... Alas, a Hero's work is never done. Soon the call of duty comes in the form of a warning: Beware the evil of Raseir, once the mirror image of Shapeir, now a dark reflection ruled by evil. Soon its poison will begin to seep into Shapeir, and the land and its people will be doomed. It's a race against time, and our Hero must face many trials and constant dangers in an attempt to free Raseir from a dark shadow and restore Raseir's true form -- a mirror of the peace and beauty that is Shapeir.

    Contributed by Eurythmic (2698) on Jul 18, 1999.