Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire Credits


Executive ProducerKen Williams
Creative DirectorWilliam R. Davis Sr.
ProducerGuruka Singh-Khalsa
DesignCorey Cole, Lori Ann Cole
Art DesignerKenn Nishiuye
Lead ProgrammingRobert Fischbach
ProgrammingCorey Cole, Brian K. Hughes, Gary Kamigawachi, Robert L. Mallory, Randy MacNeill, Jerry Shaw, Mark Wilden
Lead ArtistKenn Nishiuye
Backgrounds and AnimationTamra Dayton, Desie Hartman, Douglas Herring, Eric Kasner, Dean Larocca, Nathan Larsen, Cheryl Loyd, Harry McLaughlin, Gerald Moore
MusicChristopher Braymen, Mark Seibert
SoundChristopher Braymen, Mark Seibert
Implementation SpecialistJ. Mark Hood
Interpreter / Development SystemCorey Cole, Dan Foy, Pablo Ghenis, Eric Hart, Robert Eric Heitman, Larry Scott, Jeff Stephenson, Mark Wilden, John Rettig
Quality AssuranceMike Harian, Mike Pickhinke
DocumentationBridget McKenna
IllustrationErnie Chan
FACS Manual Written byLori Ann Cole

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5366) and Xoleras (66891)