Written by  :  helm lehm (13)
Written on  :  Jun 12, 2000
Platform  :  DOS

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Maynap sierras finest hour

The Good

Everything is perfectly and neatly presented, I'm not going to blabber a lot, GET THIS GAME even if you're not into rpg. Adventuring, you will be, after a few minutes time, and oh, don't even try solving the maze with the instructions you get from the person in the stand outside when you try to go to the money changer, type "look" in the corridors to get the name of the tarik, if i remember correctly, you need to get from centime taric to dirar taric to get to the moneychanger.

The Bad

Maybe the maze put people off at start, but when it gets going, it's the greatest joyride youll ever live.

The Bottom Line

People, this is the finest sierra adventure game,ever. Better that gabriel knight, better that QFG4, get it, oh, and buy the silly glasses from the Air elementalist, when the princess asks for your clothes towards the end of the game, put them on and look at her,you're in for a surprise! Sierra nudity!!! I could sue them for a lot of money for graphical explicity!