The Katta are humanoid cats - but what kind of cats? All details confirm that they must have been based on lynxes - they have very short tails and (as a close-up on Shema and Shameen in the final scene shows) also other features typical for lynxes: ear tufts and cheek mane. Curiously, the Eurasian lynx rather doesn't appear in the Arabic lands on which Shapeir is based. This part of the world is rather home to the caracal, also known as "desert lynx" (though not directly related to lynxes) - however, caracals only have lynx-like ear tufts and not the other lynx-like features.

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Quest for Glory 2: Trial By Fire was obviously meant for newly made characters. If you import your 'perfect' character from Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero? one will notice how incredibly easy and virtually unchallengeable the game becomes.

This is due to the fact that newly characters start with lower character statistics than an imported character. Provided that your imported character has full statistics of course. One major factor that made HQ a success was the timeless effort in strengthening the statistics of your character. Take that away...

Probably why I'm the only one who ended up disappointed. (Comparison: See game description and reviews).

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The Dead Parrot Inn, complete with dead parrot, is in Raseir. A dead parrot was featured in a Monty Python skit known as "The Dead Parrot Sketch".

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King Arthur--from Cindy Marx's game, Conquests of Camelot--sometimes makes an appearance in the desert. He is dead and lying on the ground. If you walk near him, the body will fade as if it were an illusion. If you right-click on the body before it disappears, it will say something about how he should have visited a Camelot before going into the desert.

There is also the Persian Golfer, who makes occasional appearances in the desert as well.

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Quest for Glory 2 was the first game to introduce the fourth character class of Paladin to the series.

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In the very end of Quest for Glory 2 it says that the next chapter in the series would be called "Shadows of Darkness". The third chapter, however, was called "Wages of War" and "Shadows of Darkness" was the title of the fourth game.

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QFG2 is the only Sierra game which used the Sierra SCI 0.5 interpreter.

SCI0 was the interpreter used for QFG1, LL2 and 3 and other EGA Sierra games, while SCI1 was used for the VGA point and click games.

The only obvious difference is that if you right click on things, it is the same as typing "look thing". Another added bonus is the fact that you can use the MT-32 emulation of the SBAWE32 on it, which you couldn't on SCI0 games.

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As with all QFG games, the moose head and 'Maltese Falcon' appear (courtesy of the prop department). The 'Maltese Falcon' is actually somewhat important to the thief character type.

Click around the opening (Introduction, Continue Quest, etc) screen for some funny messages.

All of the Marx brothers make cameo appearances.

Lori and Corey Cole (The creators of the QFG series) make cameo appearances as Katta.

Obviously somebody's a big Bogart fan. While in Raseir, references to 'Casablanca' and 'The Maltese Falcon' abound.

Raseir is an anagram for Sierra.

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