Written by  :  SebastianLi (55)
Written on  :  Apr 12, 2000

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The worst of the series.

The Good

The change in the graphics and setting. The setting of Africa is incredible, as Rakeesh and Uhura are as much of the badasses in hand-painted color as they were as ugly pixels. The magic system was also better too, as symbols and mouseclicks were used instead of "cast dazzle" etc.

The Bad

The battle system sucked big time. I never figured it out, and I have no clue why they changed it from the second game, which was so good. Practicing produced almost no visible effect, while just a little practice in the second game could produce notable differences. The overhead map was also an unwelcome addition, as it took away the magic of exploring and made the game much more linear.

The Bottom Line

Play this game after you've played number 2 so you can appreciate all that was lost in the transition to the third one.