Quest for Glory III: Wages of War Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Choosing a character
Giving name and assigning attributes
A meeting with Aziza and Rakeesh
The apothecary
Junk dealer
Meeting with the rajah
The welcome woman
In the savannah
Tarna at night
Another battle
The hero, Rakeesh, Uhura and her baby leave Shapeir
Uhura visits the liontaur family
At the Council of Judgement in Tarna
The leader's hut at Simbani village
This pool is so magical that even cheetahs will let you pet them and gazelles won't be scared of them
Base of the magical giant tree
One of the caves inside the giant tree
At the temple in Tarna
Entering the Leopardmen village with Johari
Magic duel with the Leopardmen shaman
At the monkey village - wouldn't you feel tempted to swing from branch to branch and groom other monkeys?
Monkey talk at the Lost City
Entrance to the Lost City