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Opening Title
Set your difficulty level
Choose your class. Each class has unique skills and abilities. Novices are recommended to use the Viking class until familiar with the game.
The story begins...
As you can see, Valhalla is a more detailed graphical version of Rogue: The Adventure, consisting of the overview map, close-up map and command icons. This is an example of the "Conjurer" character.
Skill are usually aquired when your character reaches a certain level. Other skills can be obtain by potions, scrolls and other events.
Many items in Valhalla are magical, such as scrolls and potions. However, many of these items have strange effects! For example here, the character after using a strange scroll was transformed into a mighty Jaccus (what in the hey is a Jaccus anyway?)
The Character Sheet - Provides a general overview of your character's current status.
In the course of your adventures, your character may obtain certain powers. Some are aquired at the Master level, others by potions, scrolls or other events.
Everyone hates this part...
Magical Realms in Valhalla: 10 Feet
Magical Realms in Valhalla: Slaeter's Sea
Magical Realms in Valhalla: Jotenheim
Magical Realms in Valhalla: Nidavellir
Welcome to the Rainbow! The locals don't seem to enjoy your presence though...