Written by  :  Xa4 (311)
Written on  :  May 04, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
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interesting but very difficult platform game

The Good

It was graphically stunning! Animations were the best you could get for that time
The various worlds in which you evolved, while classic, were used very good. In the musical world, for example, some platform were made of percussions and jumping on them would produce a percussion sound. And there are plenty of similar pleasant details
The controls were more than decent
It's long, with plenty of levels

The Bad

The worlds were maybe a little bit too classic
There is no real innovative concepts
The game was way too hard, especially for its most probable audience : kids ! Reaching the middle of the game is already a kind of miracle, and after that, the game will probably kill you in frustration

The Bottom Line

Rayman would have been one of the best platform games for the PC if it wasn't so frustrating. I doubt many people will ever make it to the last level.
Do not (I repeat : do not!) give this game to a violent kid or he'll probably destroy your computer, yelling nasty words you didn't know he was aware of and leaving him in a nasty mood for months because he'll be dead frustrated.