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Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Credits


DirectorHans-Jürgen Brändle
Project LeaderGuido Henkel
Story byMichael Johann, Thomas Römer
Additional On‑Screen-TextGuido Hölker, Heike Kamaris
ProgrammingHans-Jürgen Brändle, Guido Henkel
Graphics / ArtworkMichael Henrich, Peter Heutling, Klaus Hoffmeister, Carsten Holtmann, Robert Jaquet, Sascha Jungnickel, Bernd Karwath, Orlando Petermann, Vadim Pietrzynski, Markus Henrich
Battle SceneriesJochen Hamma
IntroHartwig Nieder-Gassel
Intro ProgrammingUlrich Walther
MusicRudolf Stember, A.U.D.I.O.S.
DocumentationWerner Fuchs, Michael Johann, Thomas Römer, Ralf Hlawatsch, Frank Werschke
Manual Illustrations/PhotosNicholas Bau, Michael Bau, Jens Haupt, Ina Kramer, Josef Ochmann
Official Game Guide - Texts and IllustrationWerner Fuchs, Dietrich Limper, Thomas Römer
Cover DesignUgurcan Yüce
MapIna Kramer
PlaytestingRalf Hlawatsch, Andrea Mattes, Ulrich Mattes, Michelle Melchers, Michael Monka, Hiep Tran-Trung, Michael Wolter, Marcel Wolter
Executive ProducerWerner Fuchs, Jochen Hamma

English Language Documentation

German Commodore Amiga ConversionChristian Weber
Translation from GermanReinhold H. Mai
English Manual AuthorBrenda Romero (as Brenda Garno)
English Manual IllustrationsNicholas Bau, Jens Haupt, Ina Kramer, Josef Ochmann
English PlaytestersTodd Ashley, Bill Beckham, Marty Berkman, Les Berkman, Baby Chickens, Edward Darlow, Dooley, Bill Dedi, Brenda Romero (as Brenda Garno), Barry Gelfand, Steven Hartzell (as Steven Al Hartzell), Nathan Koch, Pumpkin Man, Rich McCord, Michael C. Percell (as Michael Percell), Tony Sargent, Schulz, Linda Currie (as Linda Sirotek), Richard Smith, Quentin Spooner
Attic's Special ThanksEverybody at Sir-tech Software, Linda Currie (as Linda Sirotek), Everybody at US Gold, Bridgett Hirst, John Miles, Jacqui Lyons, Larry Elmore, Everybody at Creative Labs, Jonathan Small, Mike Green, Ian Currie, Blue Byte, Thalion Software, Wolfram and Martina at Selling Points, FAST Electronics, Jason Kingsley, Robert S. Malin (as Bob Malin), Andrew Chorzelski, FASA, Morton Welsman, Keith Wadhams, William C. Fisher (as William Fisher), Computer Gaming World, Lori Sears, Brenda Romero (as Brenda Garno), Pumpkin Man sends a big Hello to Hal O'Wheen

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