Written by  :  Professor (107)
Written on  :  Apr 07, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Wonderful, colorful air combat!

The Good

God, I loved this game! Where else could you get the multi-colored glory of those early fighters, and a chance to affect the Great War from the air? The plane models fly very differently, and you feel the differences in dogfights. Just like the real pilots back then, you really don't want to meet an enemy riding something hotter than the machine you're in. And what a sense of accomplishment when you score a victory!

The Bad

Just the old DOS problems of getting a stable setup that ran well with the game. In those days, there were only drivers for two or three video cards, and you soldiered on with the nearest emulation you had, if you didn't have the supported ones. So on some machines, you couldn't run the game. On a machine that would run it, I never found anything not to like!

The Bottom Line

This was the best air combat sim of its day... and for many days after. Dynamix made its reputation on this baby. Even it couldn't meet that standard when it set out to remake the game several years later. Only with the patched version of Red Baron 3D did they again reach this high plateau of gameplay.