Redneck Rampage Rides Again Credits (DOS)

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Redneck Rampage Rides Again Credits


Original Concept, Design and DirectionDrew Markham
Art Direction and Additional DesignCorky Lehmkuhl
Produced byGreg Goodrich
Game ProgrammingJoseph Aurili
Original Game ProgrammingRafael Paiz
Level DesignRhett Baldwin, Aaron Barber
Original Art Direction and SupportMichael Kaufman, Claire Praderie
Computer Graphics Supervisor & Character Animation DirectionBarry Dempsey
Senior Animator & ModelerJason Hoover
Character Animation and Motion Capture SpecialistAmit Doron
Sound Design & Music Production CoordinationGary Bradfield
Introduction AnimationDominique Drozdz
ArtistMatthias Beeguer
Additional ArtViktor Antonov
Production CoordinatorVictoria Sylvester
ProducerBill Dugan
Line ProducerChristopher M. Benson
Interplay Title SequenceTimothy Donley
Redbook, Autorun & Misc. ProgrammingDarren L. Monahan
Programming AssistanceArthur Attila Donavan
QA Project SupervisorDarrell Jones
TestersTimothy Anderson, Brian Axline, Mark McCarty, Primo Adriano Pulanco
Director of CompatibilityPhuong Nguyen
Compatibility TechniciansMarc Duran, Derek Gibbs, Jack Parker
ManualScott Bennie
Manual LayoutLarry Fukuoka
Character VoicesTara Strong (Daisy Mae), Burton Gilliam (Leonard), Peggy Jo Jacobs (Alien Vixen), Drew Markham (Bubba/Billy Ray Jeeter/Skinny ol' Coot/Fran Doyle/TheTurd Minion/All Other Various Ramblings), Mojo Nixon (Sheriff Lester T. Hobbes)
MusicHoward Anderson, Michael Labrador, Drew Markham, Mojo Nixon, John Schlocker, Jason Smith, Howard Yearwood
Recording EngineerDave Ahlert
Recording AssistanceJeff Gilbert
Motion Capture ActorJean-Paul Manoux
Motion Capture ActressShawn Wolfe
This game could not have been made without...Mal Blackwell, Alex Mayberry
Nuts and BoltsSteve Goldberg
Bean CountingMax Yoshikawa
Production AssistanceMinerva Mayberry
Production BabyPauline Marie Markham
Original Production BabyAlyson Kaufman
Build Engine and Related Tools Created byKen Silverman
Special ThanksGeorge Broussard, Scott Miller
Extra Thanks with Special SauceBrian Fargo

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Credits for this game were contributed by ClydeFrog (10547)