Redneck Rampage Rides Again Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Windows installation screen
Game loading
Title screen
Intro: the aliens can't wait to get rid of the rednecks, spitting them back to Earth
A game-appropriate company logo... having just been blasted with a shotgun from a motorcycle drive-by
Alien craft at alien base
Army trucks at area 51
Cloning lab
You can't get me! Eat this mutants
FBI party van
Gambling ship. Where are all the customers?
Stinky swamp. Hey look, he is going to crash
He is not happy to see you
I am sorry chicken, hope you don't feel too much discomfort.
Instead of a greeting you got the bullet
Is that the remains of a soviet astronaut?
It's 69 now, welcome
Jackalope, I am lovin' it
King of the road
Look at my tits, alien
Naughty tools. Which one you will choose?
Nice color, babe
God, so much moonshine. Do I really need to continue to the next episode?
Oh no, aliens have cloned your brother too
Oil processing plant: flammable
Plane crash victims becoming fish food
Redneck biker? Why not?
Saloon gunfight
Shake it baby
Soviet made flying saucer
Such a dirty kitchen, what a pigsty. Oh wait, There really is a pig
That doesn't look like sunny beach to me
The king is alive!
This creature looks really scary
This reminds me of Half-Life
Underground shelter
Warm greeting, but why are there so many dead people around?
What are those creatures? Better break those containers
You shouldn't fire too close with this boat mortar
You weren't doing too good controlling the alien craft, look what you have done