Redneck Rampage Credits (DOS)

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Redneck Rampage Credits


Original ConceptDrew Markham
DesignDrew Markham
DirectorDrew Markham
ProducerChristopher M. Benson, Bill Dugan, Greg Goodrich
ProgrammingRafael Paiz
Art DirectorMichael Kaufman, Claire Praderie
Lead Level DesignAlex Mayberry
Level DesignMal Blackwell, Sverre Kvernmo
Senior ArtistJason Hoover
Technical DirectorBarry Dempsey
Character AnimationAmit Doron
Additional AnimationGeorge Karl
Character DesignCorky Lehmkuhl
Map PaintersViktor Antonov, Matthias Beeguer, Stephan Burle
SculptorsGeorge Engel, Jake Garber, Jeff Himmel
Caracter VoicesBurton Gilliam (as Leonard), Peggy Jo Jacobs (as Alien Vixen), Drew Markham, Mojo Nixon (as Sheriff Lester T. Hobbes)
Sound DesignGary Bradfield
MusicMojo Nixon, Cement Pond, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Beat Farmers
Additional Sound EffectsJames Spurgin
Motion Capture ActorJean-Paul Manoux
Motion Capture VixenShawn Wolfe
Production AssistanceMinerva Mayberry
Nuts & BoltsSteve Goldberg, Marcus Hutchinson
Bean CountingMax Yoshikawa
Administrative AssistanceSerafin Lewis
Location Manager, LouisianaRick Skinner
Location Scout, LouisianaBrian Benos
PhotographerCarlos Serrao
Additional 3D‑Modelling3 Name 3D, Viewpoint Datalabs International
Audio Recorded AtPacific Ocean Post
Cement Pond Tracks Recorded AtDreamstate Recording
Recording EngineerDave Ahlert
Build Engine and Related Tools Created ByKen Silverman
3D Build Engine licensed from3D Realms Entertainment
A.I. ProgrammingArthur Attila Donavan
Lead TesterDarrell Jones
TestersTimothy Anderson, Erick Lujan, Tien Tran
IS TechsBill Delk, Aaron Meyers
Compatibility TechsMarc Duran, Dan Forsyth, Derek Gibbs, Aaron Olaiz, Jack Parker
Director of CompatibiltyPhuong Nguyen
Assistant QA DirectorColin Totman
QA DirectorChad Allison
QA Team #2 LeadAnthony Taylor
QA Team #2Chris Cayton, Adam Chaney, Chris Frankie, Tymothi V. Loving, Amy Lyn Presnell
Interplay LogoCharles Deenen, Timothy Donley
Special Thanks ToMike Baumer, Erin Blackwell, Marlee Blackwell, Chuck Bueche, Chip Bumgardner, Carter Lipscomb, John P. Conley, Crash Craddock, Einat Doron, Ygal Doron, Charlene Dowden, Patricia Fernandez, Jim Gauer, Bradley P. Grace, Jason Graff, Shawn C. Green, Mike Jarrett, Susan Jarrett, Alyson Kaufman, Caryn Kaufman, Shana Kaufman, Chris Killpack, Dimitri LaBarge, Don Maggi, Kitty Markham, Sarah May, Steve Middlebrooks, Scott Miller, Lynn Paiz, Nicole Paiz, Alan Pavlish, Walt Phandl, Cathrine Piaz, Todd Jason Replogle, Wes Stevens, Kirk Tome, Paul Vais, Kevin Vance, John Venoble, Peggy Venoble, Lynn Wells, Jay Wilbur, Meadow Williams, Mike Wilson, Enterprise Partners L.L.P., Mom & Dad Parkham, Dudley & Gerald's in Shreveport L.A., Joe Dowden, Bo Dowden, Vivette Middlebrooks, Quaid Middlebrooks, Brandi Middlebrooks, Ralph & Kacoo's, Kelly's Truck Stop - Greenwood L.A., The guy in the Horseshoe Casino in Shreveport - Louisiana, Texas Department of Public Safety, The Sewage plant of Shreveport, Justin; Charlie and Little Mr. Tee Tee and their dog Teddy, Mom & Pop of Pop's Pantry in Koran - Louisiana, K Genecco Gunworks; Stockton CA, The Million Dollar Club; Dallas TX, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House in Louisville - Arkansas, Murrell's Diner in Shreveport - Louisiana, The friendly and warmhearted people of Louisville; Arkansas, Burge's B‑B‑Q, Cones and Shakes in Louisville; Arkansas, Murrel's Diner in Shreveport; Louisiana, Ed James (Troma Inc.), The Standard Candy Company, Cathrine Paiz
MarketingJames Veevaert
PRErika Price
ManualGreg Newcomb, Kelly Newcomb
Manual Illustrations/PhotosLarry Fukuoka
Extra Special Thanks ToBrian Fargo

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