Written by  :  ETJB (450)
Written on  :  Feb 21, 2010
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Good Adventure Gaming

The Good

"Return of the Phantom" (CD-ROM 1993) is a surprisingly fun point n' click, graphic adventure game. I use the word, “surprisingly” because it does not feature ground breaking graphics, sound effect or music. What makes this game fun to play is its engaging storyline and easy to use interface. As a French inspector you have to solve the mystery surrounding the Phantom of the Opera. This masked man caused a performance of the famed play to shut down and at least one of the female cast members may be in danger. Your adventure will take you to various parts of the large theatre, including its underground caverns, with a nice little time traveling element added to the story. You start off in the year 1993, but as your investigation continues, you find yourself being sent back in time to the late nineteenth century.

The Bad

In comparison to the other graphic adventure games by Microprose, “Return of the Phantom” seems to be the shortest and easiest of the bunch. Only one or two puzzles near the end of the game are likely to cause anyone headaches and the number of different people and items to interact with is pretty small. While the musical score is nice, the other sound effects are strictly average. The voice acting is not horrible, but never really rises above B movie quality.

The Bottom Line

"Return of the Phantom" (1993) is a graphic adventure game with an engaging storyline set in a cool looking old play house. It will not tax the brains of most seasoned adventurers and its graphics and sound effects will not dazzle you. However, their is something undeniably fun about this old adventure game, which makes it worth playing. In terms of adult or objectionable content, the game is probably suitable for gamers ages 13+. It does not contain graphic violence or gore, but their is an real element of suspense. It is also implied that one of the theatre employees is gay.