Road & Car (DOS)

Road & Car Screenshots

DOS version

The new Cape Cod to Niagara Falls course
The first new car - Acura NSX
The second new car - Dodge Stealth (as Carl would say, freakin' awesome! ;)
Ah, the colors of autumn..
Main menu with new car Stealth R/T Turbo Dodge
The view from a yacht in the cape
Starting a new race.
Driving the Stealth R/T Turbo Dodge.
Moo.. look out for cows!
Watch out for the bus.
Stats after the first course
Bridge ahead
Chase car view, lights on at dusk (not bad, as 1990 graphics go)
Watch out for the cow.
Dang, they always trap you at the covered bridges!
We're in New England, that means.. snow!
Rainy weather
Catching a flight at the airport.
Windshield wipers are useful when it rains.
Tunnel ahead
Police trying to stop you.
Winter weather
Speed limit is 35
Waiting for the train to pass.
You are one of the top drivers.
High scores
Driving the NSX Acura.