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Robbo (DOS)

Robbo Screenshots

DOS version

Robbo DOS Title screen

Title screen

Robbo DOS Main menu

Main menu

Robbo DOS Introduction


Robbo DOS Instructions


Robbo DOS Objects and how to use them

Objects and how to use them

Robbo DOS Entering the first level...

Entering the first level...

Robbo DOS In-game


Robbo DOS Polish version title screen

Polish version title screen

Robbo DOS Polish version main menu

Polish version main menu

Robbo DOS Next level teleport

Next level teleport

Robbo DOS Level 2

Level 2

Robbo DOS Screw - main goal of the player

Screw - main goal of the player

Robbo DOS Level 3

Level 3

Robbo DOS In-level teleport

In-level teleport

Robbo DOS Surrounded by enemies

Surrounded by enemies

Robbo DOS Game over

Game over