Related Web Sites

  • A brief history of Rogue (The history of this seminal game written by one of its creators, Glenn R. Wichman.)
  • Donnie Russel's Webpage (Home Page of the author of the Rogue ports to Windows and Linux, ClassicRogue and TileRogue, as well as a port for the Gameboy Advanced called AGB_Rogue. )
  • Old CRPGs (Another page hosting old executables and source code for Rogue its derivatives.)
  • ROG-O-MATIC: A Belligerent Expert System (The paper that describes the ROG-O-MATIC expert system, an early AI experiment to let computers play Rogue. Quite successful, as it seems!)
  • Rogue @ Epyx Shrine (Screenshots of the various versions and an interview with Glenn Wichman, co-creator of the original "Rogue".)
  • Rogue: The Adventure Game (product page for the iPhone version)
  • The CRPG Addict: Rogue (Posts about the game at The CRPG Addict blog. )
  • The Dungeons of Doom (Featuring the history of rogue, a lot of tips and hints, and the sources for the original PC Rogue.)
  • The Roguelike Archive (Source code and executables for many systems of many different Rogue versions and other roguelike games.)
  • zRogue (Gevan Dutton's 1998 Z-code abuse port of Rogue can be played online through your web browser.)

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