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Back Cover:

    The Scoop

    Based on a Murder Mystery by
    Agatha Christie and Other Members of the London Detection Club

    Get the scoop, and you’ll be the top reporter in London. Fail, and youÂ’ll go back to writing obituaries … or be one yourself.

    You’re the new reporter at the Daily Courier, and you’ve just been scooped! Geraldine Tracy is murdered. No one knows who did it. Your rivals from the Morning Star have beat you to the story, and your editor is furious. Save your paper – and your job! – by solving the murder and scooping the Star.

    You’ll have to work quickly. Question witnesses. Follow suspects. Search for clues. Why did Fisher, who discovered the body, go there that fateful Saturday night? What happened to the murder weapon? Where is Mrs. Tracey’s husband?

    You’ll have to work carefully. Some people you meet won’t want to talk with you, but you might overhear what they tell their friends. Others may hide the truth, and you’ll have to find them out. And remember – someone has killed once and could kill again to get rid of a troublesome reporter!

    The Scoop is a graphics and text computer game that provides you with many hours of challenging play. Based on the murder mystery written by Agatha Christie and other members of the famed London Detection Club, The Scoop unites the intrigue of a great mystery with all the excitement of an action adventure game.

    The Scoop features more than 30 animated characters, with over 80 locations set in and around London. You see the mystery unfold as you move your investigative reporter and interact with his or her surroundings through obvious-to-use menus. Interrogate suspects, eavesdrop on conversations, search rooms, gather evidence, and do it all rapidly and easily, with no cumbersome typing of words or sentences.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Mar 08, 2003.