Screamer Credits (DOS)

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Screamer Credits


ProducerPeter Hickman, Kevin Potter
Assistant ProducerErik Harshman, Anthony Hinds
Test StaffAnthony Steven Byus, Alon Malka, Michael Wenn
Marketing Product ManagerRobin Kausch, David Miller
Directed ByAntonio Farina
Lead ProgrammerAntonio Miscellaneo
3D Engine CodeAntonio Martini
ProgrammingIvan Del Duca
Additional CodeSimone Balestra
Art DirectorMarco Spitoni
3D Graphics & 2D TexturesGiovanni Bianchin, Chris Moore, Marco Spitoni
Road Design & ModelingGiulio Sabia
Car Design & ModelingAndrea Falcone
3D Object OptimizationStefano Chiabrera
Menu GraphicsIgnazio Corrao, Andrea Falcone
Additional GraphicsIgnazio Corrao
MusicAllister Brimble, John Symonds, Neal Reynolds
Sound EffectsIvan Del Duca
VP Product DevelopmentEric Lux
Associate ProducerJeff Ziel
QA ManagerDavid Maxey
QA Group HeadPaul Moore, Bijan Shaheer
Lead Product AnalystTom Rademacher
Product AnalystsGlenn Burtis, Nick Camerota, Greg Corzine, Mick Love, Scott Manning, Chris Nelsen, Khanh Nguyen, Matt Orlich, David Reimer, Tyrone Rodriguez, Chad Soares, Tim Tran, Dennis Tung, Wallace H. Wachi Jr., David Walsh
Package DesignLauren Rifkin
Editorial ManagerLisa Marcinko
Production ManagerGail Hetland
Traffic ManagerDiane Wickwire
Special Thanks ToElizabeth Olson
Q.A. SupervisorStacey Mendoza
Quality AssuranceWallace H. Wachi Jr.
Quality AssuranceDavid Maxey

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